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Daibanchou -Big Bang Age-


Daibanchou Big Bang Age set in the year 200X, a black hole that would later be called “hellhole” appeared in the center of Japan. Shortly thereafter all contact between the Japanese archipelago and the rest of the world was lost.

Giant crystal onyxes named “Crystal Bs” appeared. Contact with them increased human bodies’ “B power” and paranormal potential; “special student body” is used to describe the powers young people gained by this change. The emergence of such powers caused panic in the masses and a dark age of violence began.

A few years later a powerful organization appeared, gathering those with the “special student body” to form the nationwide “Students Union” to bring Japan out of the dark. But the battle was just starting…

Daibanchou -Big Bang Age- Daibanchou -Big Bang Age-

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  1. Thanks for the vn, i am getting a black screen while starting the game, after some tinkering i got the logo but after still black screen…

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