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Little My Maid

In Little My Maid ,you are Ouji Kamogawa, age 19, a bright student with a bright future. However, your dreams of going to a top-ranked university suddenly come crashing down when you fail your entrance exams — and lose your beloved Yukari at the same time. (more…)

Sakura Spirit

Sakura Spirit

In Sakura Spirit, Gushiken Takahiro, was about to have the match that would make or break his career in two weeks. A championship match where the winner is then signed up to be a young national athlete for Japan. (more…)

Koi iro Chu! Lips

Koi iro Chu

Haruka is just your average high school student idly coasting through his life. His mornings generally start with a delivery from his childhood friend and neighbor Mirai, who has an inexplicable hate for him. (more…)

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